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Import terms to Termsoup with an Excel

Import format

Termsoup supports four data columns in an Excel:

- Language code 1 (must have)
- Language code 2 (must have)
- note (optional)
- tag (optional)

Click here for language codes.


How to import terms to Termsoup with an Excel

- Select and copy the language code and the entire glossary.
- Go to Import Excel
- Paste the language code and the glossary into the "paste area."
- Enter a name for the import, e.g. "Accounting."
- Click "Import Excel."

Once the import has been completed, you can see the imported glossary in the "from import" section.



- Terms with more than two languages can also be imported. But each term should be at least bilingual.
- Importing more than 500 terms at a time requires a longer time to process. You can open a new tab and work on Termsoup when waiting for the process to be done.

Updated on: 09/14/2021

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