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External search

What is external search

When looking up a term, you can use external search to visit other dictionary or translation memory websites for more results.


How to use external search

- Highlight a term in the source texts and a bar with English letters will appear on the top (external search bar). Each letter represents an external website.
- Hover on a letter to see which website it stands for.
- Click on the letter to visit the website for the result.

Hover to see what websites these letters stand for.


How to hide external search source

- Click on the Settings icon ⚙️ on the bar to hide a source. Click again to show it.


How to hide external search bar

- Click on the Search icon 🔍 on the top right of the translation page if you want to hide the bar.


How to add another website to external search bar

Websites should meet certain technical criteria to be added to the bar. Contact us if you would like to add one.


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Updated on: 09/17/2021

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