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Add terms to glossary

Why add terms to glossary

Adding terms to glossary can save you time in future translations and ensure consistency in term translations. There are three ways to add terms to the glossary.


Method 1: Look up term and add it to glossary

After looking up a term,

- Click on the blue word you wish to add to the glossary in the "Term results" panel. ❶
- A notification will appear in the bottom left indicating the term has been added. ❷
- (Optional) To edit the term, click the notification before it disappears (within 5 seconds).


Method 2: Add term with external search panel

- Highlight the source text you want to add to the glossary.
- Click on the " A " button on the external search panel.
- A window will appear with the source text automatically filled in.
- Enter the corresponding target text.
- Click "Add."


Method 3: Adding a term from the scratch

- On the top right corner of the translation page, click on the " A " icon.
- A window will appear with no pre-filled text.
- Enter the source and target text for the term.
- Click "Add.


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Updated on: 03/02/2023

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