You can import your glossary with an Excel file.

How to import

- Enter language codes at the top of your Excel file.

- Select and copy the language code and the entire glossary.
- Go to My Resources > Glossaries > Import Excel
- Paste the language code and the glossary into the "paste area."
- Enter a name for the import, e.g. "Accounting."
- Click "Import Excel."

Once the import has been completed, you can see the imported glossary in the "from import" section.


- Glossaries containing more than two languages can also be imported.
- Importing a glossary containing over 500 entries requires a longer time to process. You can open a new tab to Termsoup to work on your documents while waiting for the process to be done.
- When an import has failed, an explanation will be displayed in red. Edit the Excel file according to the instructions to correct the error. (Click here to see common import errors).
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