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Insert resource into edit area

What is resources

Resources refer to Arabic numerals, translation memories, and machine translations.


Benefits of inserting resource into edit area

Inserting resource into (target) edit area can speed up the translation process. For example, if you insert translation memories or machine translations, some segments won't need to be translated at all.

Resources can be inserted are as follows:

- Source texts
- Arabic numerals in source texts only
- Machine translation
- Advanced machine translation
- Translation memory


Default and when to set up

Nothing is inserted by default. You can set up which resource to be inserted to edit area when uploading source file and when translating.


Set up insert when uploading source files

- On the right side of the upload page, click on "Resource settings".
- Under "Insert resource" tab, select the resource you want to insert into the edit area.

Set up insert when uploading source file


Set up insert when translating

- On the top right of the translation page, click on the "Insert resource" icon .
- Select the resource you want to insert.
- Click "Send."

Click on the "Insert resource into text area" icon

Select the resource you want to insert


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Updated on: 09/13/2022

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