What is collaboration

Collaboration allows you and partners to edit a document at any time, anywhere. You can also share terms and translation memories of the document. Collaboration is best for teamwork among:

- Translators
- Translators, editors, and proofreaders
- Teachers and students
- Translation agency and its freelancers


How to add a collaborator

On My Documents,

- Check the checkbox of the file you want to collaborate with.
- Click the "Add collaborator" icon.
- Enter the collaborator's account.
- Set collaborator permission.
- Set a deadline and leave a message to the collaborator (optional).
- Click "Send."

After you add a collaborator, Termsoup will automatically send an email to remind the user.


How to remove a collaborator

On My Documents,

- Click the collaborator's profile image.
- Click "Remove" icon.
- Click "Send."
- The collaborator is removed.


How to add and remove a collaborator (video)

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