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OpenAI: How to use ChatGPT in Termsoup

ChatGPT is now on Termsoup! Please note that users should have a Termsoup paid plan to use this feature.

Here are the detailed instructions, and video version is provided at the end of this article.


Step 1: Apply for an API key

Applyig OpenAI API keys is free and the company provides a free trial with a $5 worth of free tokens. After the quota has passed you can upgrade to a paid plan and continue your use of the API on pay-as-you-go basis.

Sign up an OpenAI account on the OpenAI website.

After completing the sign up process, click on "API" in the menu.

Click on "Personal" at the top right corner, and then select "View API keys."

Click on "Create new secret key."

Optionally, give a name to the new API key (recommended but not mandatory), and then click on "Create secret key."

Click the copy button to copy the API key. It is crucial to note the following:

⚠️ This is the only opportunity to copy the key. If you fail to copy it, you will have to reapply for a new key.

⚠️ Immediately store the copied key in a secure location, such as a plain text file. Make sure not to share the API key to prevent others from using your token allocation.


Step 2: Enter the API key in Termsoup

Click on "API key" at the top of the dashboard.

Click on "Add an API key."

Enter the API key information, including the key itself and a name (name is required).

The API key is added.

You can now use ChatGPT on either "Upload page" or "Translation page" in Termsoup.

📌 Configuring ChatGPT on "Upload page":
- Click on "Insert Resources."
- Click on "Machine Translation."
- Select "OpenAI" and choose the API key.
- Choose the translation method (one by one or all at once).
- Click "Upload."

📌 Configuring ChatGPT on "Translation page":
- Click on "Insert resource to text area" at the top right.
- Click on "Machine Translation."
- Select "OpenAI" and choose the API key.
- Choose the translation method (per sentence or full text).
- Click "Send."

Wait for ChatGPT to process the source text. Please note the following:

⚠️ Currently, the ChatGPT server is in its initial stage, and server stability is limited. The processing time is longer compared to traditional machine translation, estimating that it takes over 5 minutes to process a 1000-word article. If you choose "all at once" method to process documents, please understand it takes time for ChatGPT to translate. If you choose "one by one" method, the response time for each sentence is also slower than traditional machine translation.

⚠️ When ChatGPT processes a large amount of content, some sentences may not receive results due to timeouts. To use ChatGPT again, place the cursor in an empty area of the translation field. However, the response speed is slower than traditional machine translation.

Once the translation is complete, you can start post-editing.

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How to use ChatGPT in Termsoup (video)

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Updated on: 05/27/2023

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