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How to use machine translation

Why machine translation is only for paid users?

Google and all machine translation providers charge third-party applications, such as Termsoup, for machine translation, so we provide machine translation for paid users only.

- Monthly subscription: 50k characters/month.
- Annually subscription: 600k characters/year.

What are the differences between using machine translation on Google Translate website and Termsoup?

According to professional translators, you'll get more accurate results if you use machine translation sentence by sentence on Termsoup.
Termsoup connect to machine translations via APIs provided by machine translation providers. These APIs come with an additional guarantee: Providers do not have the right to keep or use your data.

How to use machine translation?

Use it when you need it (when translating)

- Click on the "Machine translation" tab to open the panel.
- Highlight the source sentence that you want to run machine translation, and the result will be shown in the panel.
- Click on the result (words in green) to paste it into the text area.

Use it automatically (when translating)

- Click on the "Insert resources" icon on the top right.
- Select "insert machine translation.".
- Place your cursor in the text area.
- Machine translation inserted.

Use it automatically (when uploading)

When uploading a source file, you can set to insert machine translation into the target text area.

- In the upload page, click on the Resource settings on the right
- Click on "Machine translation" in the Insert resource tab
- Select a machine translation provider
- Select insert method
- Click on "Upload"

Updated on: 11/28/2022

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