Machine translation (MT) and Computer-assisted translation (CAT) are two separate but related concepts. Knowing which one you are looking for is crucial when dealing with translation tasks.

Machine translation (MT)

Source texts are translated by machines, with no humans involved throughout the process.

Since linguistic experts are not part of the translation process, the translated texts could be inaccurate and require professionals to post-edit them.

If you don't have the ability to translate on your own, then MT is for you.

Computer assisted Translation (CAT)

Source texts are translated by human translators with CAT software to improve their speed and accuracy.

Features in CAT software are designed to help translators better manage their workflow, digital assets and collaboration.

If you have the ability to translate on your own, then CAT is for you.

Relationship between MT and CAT

People have long dreamed of fast, accurate, and affordable translations.

However, the quality of machine translation leaves much to be desired even to this day. The translation of many texts (such as this one) still relies on the work of an expert human translator.

It was not until last decade that machine translation has made significant progress due to the development of artificial intelligence, but many professional translators still translate texts on their own with the help of CAT software. Machine translation is only used as a reference by most translation professionals.
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