Is this the first time you are using software to assist you with translation? You may be wondering why Termsoup divide your uploaded document into sentences (or segments).

There are two reasons:

Creating translation memory

Translation memory refers to the storing of source and target text in pairs in database. Because these pairs are usually sentences, we automatically divide you document into sentences.

By doing this, when the same or similar source text appears again, Termsoup will immediately display the corresponding target text for your reference.

Benefits of translation memory:

- Cuts translation time for similar texts;
- Help to ensure that translations are consistent, especially when different translators are working on the same project.

Avoid ommiting translation

In addition to creating translation memory, another advantage of segmenting a source text is to avoid omitting translations. Segmentation breaks down a document into sentences so that you can ensure you have translated the entirety of the text.

If you are not yet getting used to the segmentation, Termsoup has a Preview paragraph feature that allows you to preview the paragraph as a whole, providing you with the context of a dcoument when translating.
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