Netspeak is a simple yet powerful online English collocation dictionary powered by deep learning and big data technologies.

Now you can use Netspeak on Termsoup with simple syntax. As you query, the most frequently used words will rank on the top of the list.

Find one word: ?

Use ? in your query to search for a missing word.
e.g. waiting ? response

Find two or more words: ?? or ???

Use ?? or ??? to find as many words for them.
e.g. waiting ?? response

Find any number of words: *

Use * to find one, two, or more words at the same time.
e.g. waiting * response

Find the best option: [ ] square brackets

Use [ ] to check which of two or more words is most common, or if none applies.
e.g. [on in] the internet

Find the best order: { } curly brackets

Use { } to check in which order two or more words are commonly written.
e.g. {of most the}

Find the best synonym: #

Use # in front of a word to check which of its synonyms are commonly written.
e.g. #smart man

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