You can't directly edit source and target texts if you upload your source file with a file attachment. However, as long as you use "tags," you can keep your target text styles identical to the source.


When you upload the source text to Termsoup as an attached file, you may see tags.
These tags contain the styles of the source texts, i.g. bold, italic, hyperlinks, color, indents, bullet points, etc.

Insert tags

To ensure your target text styles identical to the source,

- Click the tags to paste them into the text area.
- Input the corresponding translations between the tags.

Once you have completed the translation and downloaded the target file, the text styles will be identical to the source.


If your source file is coverted from a PDF, it may have many tags that are irrelevant to the text styles and would make your translation page looks messy. If this is the case, you can choose to hide tags to have a better translating experience.

Click on the tag icon on the top to hide tags.
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